The Birth Control Mandate

On August 1, 2011 the Department of Health and Human Services, directed by Kathleen Sebelius, adopted the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation that “the full range of FDA-approved contraceptive methods” be determined a “preventive care service for women.” Under these new guidelines, mandatory coverage will be provided for surgical sterilization, all prescription contraceptives approved by the FDA - including drugs like Ella that can cause abortions in the early weeks of pregnancy - as well as counseling to promote them. This directive from the Affordable Care Act initiative will be supported by tax payers without a conscience clause exemption, violating the civil and religious liberties of millions of Americans.

Clomid review

I have been using Clomid for quite some time now to fix my cycle since we have been married. Finally, we have been able to conceive and I am finally pregnant. We are so excited and I do not think we could have done it without Clomid. I am just so happy and grateful for this product.

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